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Homework will be set and marked regularly.

Our aim is that all pupils at Bronte Girls’ Academy achieve their potential and we believe homework is a very important part of this. It encourages pupils to develop their organisational skills, independent thought processes and individual study skills. 

At Key Stage 3, the expectation is that pupils complete 5 to 7 hours of homework per week.

At Key Stage 4 the expectation is that pupils complete at least ten hours of homework per week.

For homework to be effective the Academy needs parental co-operation. You can support your daughter by:

  • Checking her planner to see what homework has been set
  • Providing time and a quiet space for learning at home
  • Talking to her about what she is learning
  • Asking her to explain it to you
  • Helping and guiding her when needed
  • Making it part of her daily routine.

To help promote the daily routine of recording and planning homework pupils are issued with a planner. This will also be used to help communication between the Academy and home.