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Feversham Nursery Undercliffe

About Our School

Values and Ethos

Our Vision

To transform lives, to transform communities

Our vision is wide ranging, all encompassing and inclusive with social mobility and cohesion at the very core. Through delivery of high aspirations, educational excellence, outstanding leadership, operational excellence and system-wide leadership we aim to:

  • Transform the educational standards and character development of the nation’s young people, its schools and academies.
  • Become a blue print for the transformation of the educational landscape and through it, to make a demonstrable impact on social mobility and equality in communities that have called out for it and needed it for so long.
  • Have our schools, academies and young people at the very heart of social enterprise and community service.
  • Be part of the global drive to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and inequality.

Our Mission

  • To inspire pupils to achieve the best quality of education within a safe and stimulating learning environment.
  • To create a culture that inspires personal growth, development and performance driven outcomes.
  • To be the beacon of educational excellence within the communities we serve.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Inclusiveness
  • Growth

Our Culture

  • An environment of shared understanding and ownership of improving educational standards.
  • Driven by the moral imperatives to do the right thing.
  • A sense of purpose within a performance and accountability framework.