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Welcome from the Principal

As Principal Designate of Bronte Girls’ Academy, I extend a very warm welcome to our website and hope it gives you a flavour of what life at our school will be like.

Our job as a school is to help each and every young person discover and unlock their unique talents. This unshakeable belief drives our uncompromising pursuit of educational excellence. We expect our parents/carers to play an active part in pursuit of this educational excellence by attending parents’ evening, curriculum guidance evenings, pastoral evenings and pupil review meetings, as well as ensuring that homework is completed on time and to the best standard.

We believe that every pupil has an active role to play in the local community and in wider society. Our social enterprise programme is designed to get our young people actively engaged in charity work and volunteering.

We expect our pupils to be creative, innovative, independent and resilient and we are committed to fostering their interest in social enterprise. Who knows – one day, one of our pupils may help to find some of the solutions to the challenges facing our planet today.

At Bronte Girls’ Academy, pupils not only work hard but they play hard, too. We expect all pupils to participate actively in a range of extra-curricular clubs and teams. After all, a healthy body fosters a healthy spirit and mind.

All of this is only possible in a climate of mutual care, trust and discipline. We expect our pupils to demonstrate the highest levels of discipline both within school and on their way to and from school. We expect parent/carers to play a full and active part in ensuring that their child follows our highest expectations on uniform, punctuality, attendance and behaviour.

Finally, our young people are our best ambassadors. If you are a prospective parent/carer with a child looking for a secondary school or a prospective employee, please feel free to contact me.

Rehana Shafquat


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